Frequently Asked Questions

What is price monitoring?

Retailers use price monitoring tools to collect public information on their competitors & suppliers for better informed and data-driven future business strategies. Price monitoring uses web crawlers and artificial intelligence to locate, collect, and present competitors' pricing parameters to clients. DataSearch provides a quick and easy solution for businesses that want to track their competitor's product pricing and assets, saving them a lot of time and resources that manual monitoring requires

Read more on our blog about web crawling, scraping, data aggregation, and price monitoring.

How does DataSearch work?

Here is an outline of the service DataSearch can provide for you:

  1. Account registration on
  2. Establish who the competitors you want to track are (either you give us their websites, or we find them for you)
  3. Our administrators set up the system as per your requirements and link the project to your account
  4. The system then collects raw data from the web (prices, images, descriptions, etc.) and converts it into your preferred format
  5. You can then log in to your DataSearch account to view or download your data
  6. The price data for some products is automatically matched from the different competitors and presented to you in a comparative format
  7. You can then quickly manually complete the matching process and edit products to your liking (we can also do this step for you at an extra cost)
  8. The system generates reports and graphs for each match to show price changes over time and comparisons between the competitors

We offer clients further options for fully integrating collected data into their business reports or our smart repricing systems at an extra cost.

What do we ask from clients?

The only task our client needs to perform to start using DataSearch is to either provide us with the competitors' websites they want us to monitor or to give us guidelines to locate potential competitors (e.g., Top 5 fruit suppliers in Europe).

How much does it cost?

We consider factors such as data volume and frequency before giving final quotations.

Check out our Pricing & Payments pages to find out more.

How long does it take to integrate?

Our system setup for each project takes up to 10 working days. The time frame of completion depends on the nature of each competitor's website.