We consider factors such as data volume and frequency before giving final quotations.

We offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription-based payment plan for monitoring competitor product prices. After signing up for DataSearch, you will be charged an amount through a monthly recurring payment based on your licensing packages.

Our package prices are as follows:

A one off fee of €50 per website monitored applies on first payment

10k URLs 25k URLs 50k URLs Additional 10k URLs
Daily €150 €330 €650 €10
Weekly €136 €300 €580 €10
Monthly €106 €220 €430 €10

For packages larger than 50k URLs a fee of €10 per 10k URLs is applied

Prices are monthly subscriptions and do not include VAT.

The packages include:

  • Extraction and structuring of your competitors' product prices and data
  • History of your competitors' product prices and data from the day we onboard you
  • Dashboard for manual matching and analytics
  • Various export methods and formats (Manual download, API, CSV, JSON, XML)

Extra Features

The DataSearch price monitoring tool has multiple add-ons to accommodate your needs.

The currently available add-ons include:

Auto matching €60 p/m

The system automatically matches your products with your competitors' same products (as many as the system can identify). The matched products are displayed side-by-side for you to compare and monitor.

Suggested prices €10 p/m

For every product match made with your competitors, the system provides you with a suggested price of the lowest price minus 1 cent. This feature does not apply when your company's price is already the cheapest in the match.

Show new products €20 p/m

This add-on is an extra tab on DataSearch dedicated to displaying a list of newly detected competitor products (that were not in previous crawls).

Show product price changes €20 p/m

This feature is an extra tab with a list of new price changes the system has detected since the last update. The specialist list of recent changes lets you see competitor pricing increases and decreases quickly and easily.

Clients can also request a quotation to integrate our system with their e-shops and use our data to automatically reprice their products.